Smartphones used by 66% of UK adults

The red phone box is being replaced by mobile phones, and these mobile devices are becoming ever more powerful. In just a few years the UK ownership of smartphones has quickly risen to 66% of all adults, that's 37.8 million of them (in 2015).

Consumers now have unparalleled access to information on the move and an increased ability to do things without using a PC. Couple this with the expansion of Wi-Fi and faster mobile data systems, such as 4G, and you get a trend that is set to continue.

There is an insatiable appetite for mobile internet access and a substantial proportion of smartphone owners use their phones for making purchases online (45%).

With the strong growth in mobile use, retailers are facing the challenge of how to respond. Brands are finding themselves needing to adapt to the new channels their customers are using. The message to each and every retailer is stark: react quickly to this new behaviour; or get left behind by a rapidly changing world. 

So the question is: what are your plans?

Sources: Ofcom; Statista

What does frootly look like? Take a look...

We have spent time designing, crafting and perfecting the way frootly looks and, above all, the way it feels so intuitive to use. Making an application this simple and easy to use takes time, as well as the dedication to eliminate the un-necessary, while focusing on understanding the important. This effort has been worth it, we have created a highly usable, well balanced and intuitive application ready for your customers to use.

JanesTshirts is a fictitious store we are using to demonstrate how the app would look. I'll leave it for you to imagine how great it will look with your product range! 

Now, Jane sells T-Shirts and has a loyal customer base; many of whom return regularly and make repeat purchases. Jane decided she wanted to reach further than her geographic store and website; and is now ready to take the leap into mobile commerce and get closer to her customers. 

This is were frootly adds technical knowledge and experience into the mix, and integrates Jane's product catalog into the app. It's now ready for submission to the app store. Once the approval process is complete Jane can promote it to her customers, say through discussion, point-of-sale notices, and links promoted in social media.

So, what do the customers see? Here's a video to show you a customer opening the app and placing an order for a couple of Janes T-Shirts - all it takes is a few taps...
Now that you have seen the video I have a question for you: how many more orders will your customers send to you, when it this quick and easy?

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We're here to help retailers. How? Read on...

So here's the question, what exactly does frootly do? Well, we aim to get you closer to your customers, and here's how.

What happens when one of your customers thinks of you and wants to place an order? This can happen at any time and anywhere, and there's the problem. If they don't order immediately they could completely forget they wanted to buy from you - the opportunity is lost.
All that would be very different if they had your app on their mobile phone. The phone comes out of their pocket and with a few taps the order is placed - no matter where they are. No need for data or wireless coverage, they could be in a dead spot (or just not wanting to use mobile data). If they aren't connected when they order - the app sends it when they get back into coverage or, if they prefer, when next connected to WiFi.

Sounds great, I'd like my own branded app, but how easy is it to get started? Well, frootly has been designed to get you up and running very quickly. Not experienced in IT? Don't worry we will be with you all they way, and yes, we are very experienced in IT and we also know how to help you get started.

It's time to put your shop, in their pocket... with your brand...

The app displays your branding and is promoted in your name.  Give us a product list and you will soon have a beautiful app ready to showcase your products. Your customers will quickly start buying from you using their mobile device.

So if you would like to get closer to your customers, do we have an app for you!

Take a look at the features you can benefit from right here:

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